Evgenia Knyazeva is a Russian Artist with an absolutely unique and extraordinary painting style.

She loves to tell stories in pictures. 

Her richly detailed canvases offered far more than just professionally done technic, each painting begins with a single idea full of romance and fairylike feelings
Her academic & classical artistic education serves as a solid ground for her abstract ideas and gives her options to play with  decorative and realistic techniques afterwards to splash on canvas in an exquisite brushwork.

Evgenia Knyazeva discovered her passion for the arts at the very young age and decided to become an artist. 

She graduated with honours in Fine Arts from Orenburg Region Art Academy with the qualification of Artist & Art Educator.  
After her graduation she continued her studies at one of the Russian’s best & prestigious Art Schools: V.M. Vasnetsov, Abramtsevo College for Fine Arts and Industry. Improved her skills in private studio.

Evgenia Knyazeva has participated in many National & International Art Exhibitions. Her paintings are in private collections in Russia, Europe & Hong Kong. 


Since 2010 year and until present days Evgenia exhibits her paintings in Red Square Gallery in Hong Kong and works as a Senior Art Educator in Anastassia'a Art House, the only Russian Art Academy in Hong Kong. 

2011 - Treasures of Modern Romanticism. Red Square Gallery 


21/01 - 31/03 2013 - Lullaby of the Dragon. Red Square Gallery 


10/09 - 8/11 2014 - Journey to the East. Red Square Gallery 


20/07 - 10/08 2016 -  Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery Exhibition. 


23-26/09 2016 - International Art Fair in Guangzhou-ART CANTON 2016 


 23/02 - 23/03 2017 - group exhibition in Cabinet Art Gallery in Hong Kong 


21/10 2017 - 23/01 2018 Hong Kong viewed by Russian artists. Red Square Gallery 

17/05 - 20/05 2018 Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong 

28/09 - 1/10 2018 Asia Contemporary Art Fair 

11/10 - 11/12 2018 Group exhibition "Sentimental tales" Red Square Gallery

18/10 - 25/10 2019 Contemporary art exhibition "Life's what you make it" Hong Kong Cultural Center